Are your details up to date?

Section 115 of the Unit Titles (Management) Act 2011 provides that ‘A unit owner must give the owners corporation for the units plan written notice of the details of any of the following events within 14 days after the event happens:

  • the owner entering into an agreement to transfer the lease of the unit to someone else;
  • the lodgment for registration, by the unit owner, of the instrument under which the person became the owner;
  • a change in the owner’s name or address for correspondence;
  • a change of occupancy of the unit;
  • a vacancy in occupancy of the unit that is expected to be longer than a continuous period of 30 days.

If you have not done so, please ensure that you contact our Strata Manager to update your details.

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Make Sure You Check-in CBR!

Manuka Arcade now has a QR code for use it the general areas of the building. Coming to Manuka Arcade? We want to keep you safe – so make sure you use the QR code!

Don’t forget that staff should being using the Check-In CBR app too, for all the information for businesses see the ACT Government website here.

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Approved Building Rules

Updated Building Rules were approved at the Extraordinary General Meeting on 16 July 2021 and are now being registered.

These rules were developed taking into consideration feedback received at the Information Evening on 29 April as well as other feedback from Owners and Occupiers during the extensive consultation period.

As these Rules are binding on all Owner and Occupiers it is important that you are all familiar with the Rules and their implications for you.

The Rules should also be read in conjunction with the Design Principles and Signage Policy referred to within the Rules.

It should also be noted that all previous special privileges were revoked with effect from 30 June 2021 as a result of legislative changes. The only applicable special privileges are those within the Rules.

Approved Building Rules – 16 July 2021

Approved Building Rules adopted at an Extraordinary General Meeting on 16 July 2021.

Design Principles and Signage Policy – 16 July 2021

Design Principles and Signage Policy as updated on 16 July 2021 (see Version History in the document)

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**Updated** Proposed Building Rules

Updated Proposed Rules taking into consideration feedback received at the Information Evening on 29 April as well as other feedback from Owners and Occupiers by the extended deadline.

These were approved by the Executive Committee on 4 June which will be circulated for consideration at an Extraordinary General Meeting on 16 July 2021.

Any questions should be sent to

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Further consultation on the proposed rules

Thank you to those who were able to attend the information evening last Thursday, 29 April.

As indicated at the time, and for the information of other owners and occupiers, the Executive Committee is inviting further feedback on the proposed rules by 15 May 2021. Your feedback should be sent to

You can download a copy of the proposed rules –

You can also download a copy of the design principles and signage policy for the building –

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Proposed Rules – Consultative Draft Available

As previously advised the Executive Committee for Units Plan 1641 – 22-30 Franklin Street (Manuka Arcade) is holding an information evening, details here, for all owners and occupiers to discuss the update of the Owners Corporation Rules.

You can download a copy of the proposed rules –

You can also download a copy of the design principles and signage policy for the building –

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Information Night on Proposed Rules

The Executive Committee for Units Plan 1641 – 22-30 Franklin Street (Manuka Arcade) is holding an information evening for all owners and occupiers to discuss the update of the Owners Corporation Rules – please see the letter below for further details.

The following details of where this information meeting night is as follows:

Date: Thursday 29 April 2021

Time: 6:30 pm

Venue: Unit 14, First Floor (Christian Schools Australia Office)

Please confirm your attendance by emailing

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Don’t forget about the changes to ‘special privileges’

As part of the ACT Government’s changes to strata law, all existing special privileges will lapse on 1 July 2021.

Owners corporations now need to create a rule for the granting of a special privilege to allow a unit holder to use common property for a period of 3 months or more.  Common property is simply understood as all parts of the building outside the internal walls of a unit

Special privileges would be required to, for example, affix signage or anything else to the exterior of a unit, install an air-conditioning unit on the roof of the building or place tables or other items outside a unit. More details in the letter sent by the Executive Committee on 23 December, copy below.

The Executive Committee has engaged specialist legal advice to assist in the development of rules to meet these new requirements.  To assist in that process, we are asking all owners and occupier to advise the Executive Committee of any desired uses of common property to by Friday 5 February 2021.

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Changes to ACT Strata Law

A number of changes to ACT strata law commenced on 1 November, with others changes providing a transition period before commencement.

Decision making will change with amending rules, changing levy contributions methods and granting special use of common property all now possible by special resolutions. There are also limits on the number of proxy votes that can be held.

Owners corporations and executive committees can now meet and vote electronically on ordinary or special resolutions. Owners corporations’ executive committees can also form subcommittees to manage specific issues within unit plans.

Owners corporations need to prepare a maintenance schedule to identify any regular maintenance or servicing required for common property and buildings, such as painting, cleaning, window washing etc.

All existing special privileges will lapse on 1 July 2021. Owners corporations now need to create a rule for the granting of a special privilege to use common property for a period of 3 months or more.

Owners corporations can impose reasonable conditions on the special privilege. As it is a rule, the special privilege needs to be registered so other unit owners or buyers can find out what special privileges exist within a units plan and so the owners corporation can enforce them and any conditions that may apply.

Owners corporations can now determine levy contributions via the new special resolution process, rather than an unopposed resolution. This can allow for more accurate allocation of costs.

More details of the changes can be found on the ACT Planning directorate website here.

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Atrium Cleaning Commencing Soon

UPDATE: We have been advised that the internal atrium clean has been rescheduled for Wednesday the 21st of October starting at 5pm and going until late.

To protect your unit, please place a towel at the bottom of your door to prevent any water seeping through.


Atrium cleaning has been arranged for Tuesday the 29th of September commencing at 5:30pm. Non-functioning lights in the area will also be replaced at the same time.

We are advised that the works will start at 5.30pm and they are anticipating the completion of the works on the same day. If this is not possible the contractors will finish on the following day if required.

Please exercise caution around this area while cleaning is underway.

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Air-Conditioning Repairs Commencing Soon

As many owners and occupiers would be aware a number of air conditioning units mounted on the roof were damaged in the hailstorm earlier this year.

Approval has now been given by the underwriters and repairs on these units will commence on Monday 21 September.

Affected owners and occupiers will be notified by the contractors (CBC Group) when work is commencing on your particular air conditioner.

EDIT (Friday 16 October) –

We have received an updated from the contractor indicating:

11 units were contracted to be repaired because of hail damage

5 units are now operational

2 units were repaired last Wednesday / Thursday but yet to be tested and commissioned as the units were unattended

3 more units are having coil change outs next week (Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday)

In relation to the remaining unit the contractors are liaising with the owner and have organised an upgrade.

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Time to connect to the NBN!

Manuka Arcade has been ‘Ready to Connect’ to the nbn for some time now, see our previous update.

While their website indicates that a temporary pause on the planned disconnection of most phone and internet services has been put in place because of COVID-19, nbn is now advising that the disconnection process for the old phone and internet network in this area is scheduled to begin on 9 October 2020.

To ensure that you are not disconnected you may want to act now to connect to the nbn through your provider of choice. The building is connected by Fibre to the Building technology and nbn has information on Preparing your Business and Optimising your Office for the nbn.

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Latest Update – stairwell and flooring upgrades

We have received another update from the contractors regarding the stairwell and flooring upgrades. The updated timeline includes:

  • Friday – polish second coat, plaster infill to side of stairs (both locations), removal of timber panels and reinstate
  • Saturday – remove rest of timber and start laying floor to northern end, sand other set of stairs at the same time
  • Sunday – lay floor, continue sanding stairs apply 1st coat
  • Monday – second coat to stairs, re-install quad and skirting, placing of dado rail and stair nosing, tactile indicators – Access will be blocked again on this day.
  • Tuesday – finish dado rail, stair nosing and tactile indicators
  • Wednesday – painting to affected areas

EDIT: Painting works will start Thursday (12 December) and be complete by Friday morning. The dado rail, ceiling about the pendant lights and walls to the timber panels will have wet paint on them. While marked, please avoid contact.

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Further Update – stairwell and flooring upgrades

The flooring contractor did the first landing and hallway this weekend. It is, however, not complete yet.

The contractors are coming back on Wednesday (4th December) and Thursday (5th December) to do the first set of stairs sanding & polishing so access will not be permitted for those two days. They will place a barrier or danger tape up the top of the stairs so that people can use the toilets

Once again, on Saturday and Sunday, 7th and 8th December, to do the last bit of flooring and then back again the following week to sand and polish the last set of stairs. They intend to start at 7am Saturday 7th December.

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Update – stairwell and flooring upgrades

As indicated last month, see here, we are planning upgrades to the stairwells and first floor flooring.

Stairwell Upgrades

The works on the stairwells will commence on Monday 25 November.

There will be some noisy works during the day and access to one stairwell will be closed for at least 2 days while these works are being undertaken.  Each stairwell will be done in turn to allow access to the first floor.

First Floor Flooring

The replacement of the timber flooring on the first floor will start on Saturday 30 November at around 12 midday starting on the Palmerston Lane end of the building.

While the aim is to have the floor down by Sunday evening this is dependent upon the condition of the sub-floor.  If the sub-floor is not level and floor leveller needs to be applied then the flooring will have to wait until the weekend after to allow the leveller time to set.  The floor can be walked on during this time.

Access to Toilets

During the works the toilers will remain accessible except for the weekend when the flooring begins. The contractor will place a barricade up as there won’t be a handrail for a couple days during the balustrade change over.

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Stairwell and flooring upgrades coming

Work will be commencing soon to upgrade the stairwells and the flooring on the First Floor in accordance with the proposed Arcade refurbishment plans.

The upgrade to the stairs will involve sanding and restoring the surfaces before adding tactile indicators in accordance with current standards. The balustrades will be replaced and various other improvement undertaken.

Upstairs, the existing laminated flooring will be replaced with solid timber flooring on new underlay materials to provide an improved and longer lasting surface.

The Strata Manager will provide further information on the timeframes and access details.

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Be careful with your new keys

We have recently updated the locks and keys across common areas of Manuka Arcade. As part of that process all owners and occupiers were issued relevant keys, both those opening stairwell doors and the toilets and those operating ONLY the toilets.

Please ensure that you only provide to clients the keys which merely open the toilets, you can tell these keys by the T1 markings as shown below.

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2019 AGM Coming Soon!

The agenda and papers for the 2019 Annual General Meetings of the Owners Corporation have been sent to all unit holders.

The AGM is being held on Friday, 26 July and all owners are asked to attend or appoint a proxy.

If you have not received the papers please contact the Strata Managers.

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The NBN is here!

According to the NBNCo website Manuka Arcade is ‘Ready to Connect’!

Using Fibre To The Building (FTTB) technology an optical fibre node has been installed within the Arcade. This allows the nbn™ access network signal to travel over a fibre optic line, to the existing network technology (telephone cabling) present in the building.

FTTB services can deliver the whole range of wholesale speeds to the fibre node in the Arcade. Your actual speeds will be affected by many factors including;

  • the cabling throughout the building,
  • how your ISP configures their network and manages traffic (cheaper ISPs tend to have more congested networks),
  • equipment quality,
  • software,
  • signal quality,
  • the nbn™ powered plan you choose,
  • the performance of your modem, Wi-Fi, and other devices in your premises.

To access the new services individual owners or occupiers will need to make their own arrangements with an internet service provider (ISP). In addition to signing up to a NBN provided plan you will need to ensure suitable technology is available within your unit, including a VDSL capable modem. Once again, your ISP should be able to assist you.

Owners and occupiers will not need to change to the NBN immediately if you do not want to. The disconnection date for the old phone and internet network in this area has not been confirmed yet. This is likely to be 12 – 18 months away.

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