External Painting is coming along …

You would have seen the scaffolding – now see what was underneath it in Palmerston Lane!

New paintwork unveiled on Palmerston Lane façade

There is still more to be done but it is coming along nicely! The critical exterior of the building is being protected and the ‘face lift’ looks good on the ‘old lady’!

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Stairwell Doors

As owners, occupiers and visitors will have noticed we have new doors on the stairwells with the old roller shutters now being removed.

New door at Franklin Street stairwell

The new doors have a ‘hold open’ feature on one side with the other side featuring a ‘panic bar’ to allow egress in the event of an emergency should the doors be locked. All owners and occupiers are asked to ensure that only the side with the ‘hold open’ feature is left open to avoid damage to the doors.

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Painting of Arcade Exterior

The Executive Committee is very pleased to be able to confirm that Higgins Coatings has been engaged to undertake the very involved task of re-painting the exterior of the Arcade. We anticipate that work will commence in early February.

With lead based paint being found and the substrate being in poor condition in many places this is a complicated project with the experience and expertise of Higgins Coatings being a key factor in their engagement.

While the aim will be to keep disruption to a minimum there will undoubtedly be some inconvenience caused by the extensive scaffolding which will be required to gain access to all parts of the building exterior.

Any owner or occupier with questions about the proposals should contact our strata manager – L J Hooker Strata ACT.

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Stairwell Update

As many of you will have noticed the stairwells have been re-tiled and important fire safety upgrades have been undertaken to increase the fire resistance ratings of the areas under the stairs. Many thanks for the professional work undertaken by Monarch Building Solutions.

These works are now complete. Thank you for your patience.

We are aiming to have new doors installed to replace the existing roller shutters in the near future.

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Refurbishment Update – 1 September 2018

Earlier this year we provided an update in relation to the new signage style and interior paintwork being planned as part of the Arcade refurbishment.  The aim is to introduce new look across the whole arcade on the advice of our designer. The concept plan for the ground floor retail area will look like this (click on the photo to enlarge)


With the weather warming up the Executive Committee is working with painting contractors to address the very damaged and weathered building exterior.  Once again this will be done consistently with the design plan and will look something like this (click on the photo to enlarge) 

Any owner or occupier with questions about the proposals should contact our strata manager – L J Hooker Strata ACT.

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CCTV Cameras Installed

For the safety and protection of staff, customers and visitors to the Arcade we have installed high resolution video cameras and recording equipment.

Owners and Occupiers made need to seek advice in relation to any requirements they may have under the Workplace Privacy Act 2011 (ACT) to advise staff of the presence of these cameras.

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Refurbishment Update – 28 May 2018

Women’s Bathroom now completed

The women’s bathroom and kitchenette upgrades on the First Floor have now been completed.

Both bathroom’s have been re-tiled with new toilets, partitioning systems, mirrors and basins.  New, quieter, hand dryers have also been installed.

This is a significant upgrade to the Arcade and we hope that all owners and occupiers will welcome the changes.  There are still some small issues to be finalised but we hope that these will be addressed quickly.

The same key operates both the men’s and women’s bathrooms.  Owners and occupiers are reminded that these facilities are intended for the use of staff and customers of the Arcade.

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Refurbishment Update – 24 February 2018

Men’s Bathroom and Kitchenette

The men’s bathroom and kitchenette upgrades on the First Floor have now been completed.  New keys will be provided to owners and occupiers in the coming days.

The ladies bathroom is the next area of demolition and construction and this work will commence Wednesday, 28th February.

At that time, the unisex toilet will swap over to the men’s, while the ladies is under refurbishment. Temporary signage will make this clear and the urinal in the men’s will be taped off and out of use for this period.

Installation of energy efficient lighting

New lights have also been installed throughout  the ground floor  of the Arcade.  These energy efficient lights not only improve the look of the Arcade and provide more light output but they will help reduce energy costs.

Internal Painting

The next major part of the project, is the internal painting of the common areas of the Arcade.

This project is to commence Thursday, 1 March 2018 and is expected to take approximately three weeks.

Business will be as usual during this painting project and Pride Painting & Decorating Pty Ltd will be undertaking this work.  This project will incorporate the ground floor of the Arcade, as well as the stairwells and the First Floor.

There will be times when sections of the Arcade will be taped off, but access around these areas of work will be provided.

The wall sections that are currently painted blue will be painted in the Taubman colour ’Iron Age’. The current yellow and creamy yellow toned walls, will be painted in Dulux ’Whisper  White’. The cladding at the top of the Arcade will be painted in the ‘Iron Age’ colour  and the metal work of the ceiling and  light fittings will be painted ’Black’ in a semi gloss paint.

The colour scheme has been created by the designer to emphasis the classic styling of the Arcade.

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Ground Floor Signage

As part of the Arcade upgrade and refurbishment we are introducing a new look across the whole arcade on the advice of our designer.  The concept plan for the ground floor retail area will look like this (click on the photo to enlarge) –

The standard look and feel of the Arcade will emphasis our classic styling.  Included as part of that will be the standardisation of signage in a common styling, consistent with the great arcades across the world.  You can see the proposed design above.

Any owner or occupier of a ground floor unit seeking to install or upgrade a sign must contact the Strata Managers, L J Hooker Strata ACT for information on the new design standard and how it can be met.  Existing signage will be updated and replaced with the new style signage as part of the current refurbishment process.

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Arcade Refurbishment – Stage One

Change is coming to Manuka Arcade!

As many of our owners and occupiers are aware we have been working hard with a designer for plans to improve the Arcade for a number of months.  More recently we have sought tenders from an extensive range of builders and other contactors to get maximum quality and value for money in the works.

The good news is that this hard work is coming to fruition with the refurbishment of the Arcade toilets and painting of the interior of the Arcade scheduled over the next couple of months.

We have worked hard to ensure that any disruptions are minimised however there will obviously be some unavoidable changes during the completion of these works.  During the refurbishment of the toilets, for example, one set of toilets will be closed while being upgraded and the other will be ‘mixed-use’.  This will all be clearly signposted.

We are sure that the results will make it all worthwhile!

Further exciting upgrades are scheduled for later in the year.


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