A touch of glamour comes to Manuka Arcade

Beauty and Comfort – this is the simple philosophy that underpins every aspect of Stephanie’s Boutique Lingerie, the latest stylish addition to Manuka Arcade.

Stephanie’s Boutique Lingerie believe that beautiful and well fitted lingerie should provide skin soft comfort that lets you be yourself. Nothing can match the personal satisfaction that comes from confidently wearing some of the world’s most elegant and best quality lingerie.

Indulgent? Decadent? It may seem that way initially, but as owner Filomena can attest from decades of satisfied customers, once you have experienced the comfort and confidence you feel in properly fitted lingerie you will be converted for life!

Fil and the team at Stephanie’s Boutique Lingerie are widely respected as the best fitting service in Canberra and hand select a range of brands to suit all body shapes and sizes.

Why not come in today and have your life changed forever!

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