Air-Conditioning Repairs Commencing Soon

As many owners and occupiers would be aware a number of air conditioning units mounted on the roof were damaged in the hailstorm earlier this year.

Approval has now been given by the underwriters and repairs on these units will commence on Monday 21 September.

Affected owners and occupiers will be notified by the contractors (CBC Group) when work is commencing on your particular air conditioner.

EDIT (Friday 16 October) –

We have received an updated from the contractor indicating:

11 units were contracted to be repaired because of hail damage

5 units are now operational

2 units were repaired last Wednesday / Thursday but yet to be tested and commissioned as the units were unattended

3 more units are having coil change outs next week (Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday)

In relation to the remaining unit the contractors are liaising with the owner and have organised an upgrade.

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