Refurbishment Update – 24 February 2018

Men’s Bathroom and Kitchenette

The men’s bathroom and kitchenette upgrades on the First Floor have now been completed.  New keys will be provided to owners and occupiers in the coming days.

The ladies bathroom is the next area of demolition and construction and this work will commence Wednesday, 28th February.

At that time, the unisex toilet will swap over to the men’s, while the ladies is under refurbishment. Temporary signage will make this clear and the urinal in the men’s will be taped off and out of use for this period.

Installation of energy efficient lighting

New lights have also been installed throughout  the ground floor  of the Arcade.  These energy efficient lights not only improve the look of the Arcade and provide more light output but they will help reduce energy costs.

Internal Painting

The next major part of the project, is the internal painting of the common areas of the Arcade.

This project is to commence Thursday, 1 March 2018 and is expected to take approximately three weeks.

Business will be as usual during this painting project and Pride Painting & Decorating Pty Ltd will be undertaking this work.  This project will incorporate the ground floor of the Arcade, as well as the stairwells and the First Floor.

There will be times when sections of the Arcade will be taped off, but access around these areas of work will be provided.

The wall sections that are currently painted blue will be painted in the Taubman colour ’Iron Age’. The current yellow and creamy yellow toned walls, will be painted in Dulux ’Whisper  White’. The cladding at the top of the Arcade will be painted in the ‘Iron Age’ colour  and the metal work of the ceiling and  light fittings will be painted ’Black’ in a semi gloss paint.

The colour scheme has been created by the designer to emphasis the classic styling of the Arcade.

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