The NBN is here!

According to the NBNCo website Manuka Arcade is ‘Ready to Connect’!

Using Fibre To The Building (FTTB) technology an optical fibre node has been installed within the Arcade. This allows the nbn™ access network signal to travel over a fibre optic line, to the existing network technology (telephone cabling) present in the building.

FTTB services can deliver the whole range of wholesale speeds to the fibre node in the Arcade. Your actual speeds will be affected by many factors including;

  • the cabling throughout the building,
  • how your ISP configures their network and manages traffic (cheaper ISPs tend to have more congested networks),
  • equipment quality,
  • software,
  • signal quality,
  • the nbn™ powered plan you choose,
  • the performance of your modem, Wi-Fi, and other devices in your premises.

To access the new services individual owners or occupiers will need to make their own arrangements with an internet service provider (ISP). In addition to signing up to a NBN provided plan you will need to ensure suitable technology is available within your unit, including a VDSL capable modem. Once again, your ISP should be able to assist you.

Owners and occupiers will not need to change to the NBN immediately if you do not want to. The disconnection date for the old phone and internet network in this area has not been confirmed yet. This is likely to be 12 – 18 months away.

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