Don’t forget about the changes to ‘special privileges’

As part of the ACT Government’s changes to strata law, all existing special privileges will lapse on 1 July 2021.

Owners corporations now need to create a rule for the granting of a special privilege to allow a unit holder to use common property for a period of 3 months or more.  Common property is simply understood as all parts of the building outside the internal walls of a unit

Special privileges would be required to, for example, affix signage or anything else to the exterior of a unit, install an air-conditioning unit on the roof of the building or place tables or other items outside a unit. More details in the letter sent by the Executive Committee on 23 December, copy below.

The Executive Committee has engaged specialist legal advice to assist in the development of rules to meet these new requirements.  To assist in that process, we are asking all owners and occupier to advise the Executive Committee of any desired uses of common property to by Friday 5 February 2021.

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